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Lets work together.

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Step One


First, we talk. Send an email or call and tell me what you’re working on. No need for a lot of detail—just some words about your thing and how you see me helping.

Then we set up a time to get to know you, your brand, marketplace, needs, and aspirations. We'll sit down and begin the conversation that allows us to hone in on your unique voice.



Step Two

Research / Plan

So we’ve talked, and we like each other and we like the idea of potentially working together. Then we take some time to put the pieces in place so that everything fits together just right, taking a mindful and comprehensive approach to the conditions that will surround the work.

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Step Three


Everything from the logo that will appear everywhere to the smallest detail on your site, we craft every inch of your digital and tactile presence. I understand that the whole project is only as good as the nuts and bolts that compose it.



Step Four


Mindful execution goes hand-in-hand with deliberate effort. We will go over every inch of the project until it is fully ready.



Step Five


Your project is released.

But the work is not over, we'll work to maintain every aspect of the project, so that it can grow with your brand. Whether continuously adding capabilities and updates to your site, developing content for your social media presence, creating new assets for that next public appearance, or _____.



This is just a quick overview, lets connect and I will walk through what it means for you and your project.

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