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Hi, I'm Ben.

I really want to Teach with you. Take a look at the samples, learn more about me



Pretty Pictures

Here are some things I designed for other clients that I’m pretty proud of. Created from start to finish including client consultation, illustration, design, some programing, and in some cases lettering.



Let’s talk about me

I’m a graphic designer who loves the web, design, beauty and things that are enjoyable to use.

Things I love.

There is so much to be interested in, to learn about, and to pour one’s creativity into. For me, it's our daughter, work, my press, drawing, photography, and of course little tv too. There are a million things I want to try, to do, to be better at. There is never enough time in the day, week, or year for everything; though I’m really trying.

What I do.

I work for some awesome clients, allowing me to make some pretty great work. Working with an amazing team of designers/developers, or independently, making clients and customers happy.


I am ready for more. I want to learn more and get better. I want to keep the pressure up. I want to take on the toughest challenges.


I think teaching is that next challenge.


Let’s talk.

You can reach me by email me or call: 260.255.6335.